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Snowmobile Safety

 While riding a snowmobile can be fun, it has risks, too. Most of them can be avoided by following simple safety tips every time you ride. Here are some suggestions that will keep you protected while you're riding.
  1. Before Riding
    • Know the law

    • Regulations regarding snowmobile registration and use are different throughout the country. Some areas have age restrictions for snowmobile operation. Check with law enforcement agencies, dealers and clubs in the area to make sure you know the rules.

    • Gear up

    • Be sure to wear protective gear in case of an accident and to keep you warm when you're out in the elements. Wearing layers is useful so you can add or remove layers as the weather conditions change.

    • Think ahead

    • Plan for the inevitable. Carry your owner's manual, an extra belt, extra spark plugs, a tow rope, a small tool kit, spare parts, a flashlight, a first-aid kit and a few survival items such as a space blanket, waterproof matches and a compass.

    • Check it out

    • Be sure your snowmobile is running properly before heading out. Check your owner's manual and with your dealer to be sure your machine is in top shape. Follow the recommended service schedule and have all repairs made by an authorized service provider.

  2. On the Trail
    • Tread lightly

    • Stay safe and legal within the areas you're permitted to ride. Wait for enough snow to cover vegetation so you don't destroy it. Avoid running over trees and shrubs and don't disturb any wildlife that you might come across.

    • Maintain control

    • It's important to maintain a speed that's right for the conditions and your experience. Be aware of current terrain, visibility and weather conditions. Be alert and scan the surrounding area for hazards or obstacles.

    • Take a friend

    • Don't snowmobile alone. It's more fun, and safer, to take a friend along.

    • Take care

    • Be careful when crossing roads of any kind. Make sure that you stop completely and no traffic is approaching from any direction. Use basic hand signals to indicate to other drivers that you're turning. Be careful at night or in low-light conditions. Use your headlight.

    • Beware of water

    • Never cross a frozen lake, pond or stream. You run the risk of breaking through the ice and starting, stopping and turning are difficult due to less traction.

  3. Ride Safe
    • Be sharp

    • Alcohol, drugs, cold and fatigue impair your ability to reason and make sound judgments. Do not drink or do drugs then drive.

    • Learn more

    • Take a training course before going it alone. Know the capabilities of your machine and don't push it beyond them. Know your driving abilities and stay within safe limits. Know the area where you're going to be riding. Get a map and ask other snowmobilers about the conditions and terrain.

    • Know you're protected

    • It's important to have proper insurance coverage to protect your vehicle and provide liability coverage in case someone gets injured or property is damaged during the use of your snowmobile.

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