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On-Line Flood Insurance Quote Form

To request a quote for flood insurance, please complete and submit the following form. You will receive an answer within 24 hours.

If you are closing on a loan or refinancing your home and need an estimate immediately, please call Reid & Zutant at 1-315-463-8501. Our office hours are 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Eastern time, Monday to Friday.

Personal Data

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Property Information
If the location of the property to be insured is different than your mailing address, please provide address below.



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Building Type

If home is mobile or manufactured Width x Length
Serial Number
Is your mobile home in a park? Yes  No
If yes, park's name
Date park built (ex - XX/XX/XXXX)
Is your mobile/manufactured home skirted?  Yes  No

Year of construction Number of floors, incl. basement

Foundation Type

Slab Basement/sunken area below ground on all sides
Crawl space with:
      Vents Within 1 foot of ground
      Vents over 1 foot of ground
      No Vents
Has any flood loss payment or Federal Disaster Relief payment previously been paid out for this address?
Yes  No  Unknown
Do you have an Elevation Certificate? Yes  No
If quote is accepted a copy of the Elevation Certificate is required

Coverage Options

Is flood coverage required by your mortgage company?
Yes  No  Unknown
Building coverage limit
The amount you wish to insure your home for up to $250,000
Contents coverage limit
The amount you wish to insure your personal belongings for up to $100,000
Deductible $500  $1000  $2500  $5000

Send my quotation by the following method
E-Mail  Fax  Regular Mail  By Phone
If by Phone, best time to call
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The policy must be paid in full before it is issued. There is a thirty day waiting period before your coverage takes effect, unless you need coverage in connection with a loan closing.

Thank you for filling out this form
We value your input as PRIVATE information. Every step has been taken to insure your privacy, security, and our intent is to release quote information only to you. We will not give your data to ANY other person or group for sales, marketing, or ANY other purposes. By checking the box below you agree to allow our agency to release this information via the method you have chosen, and to release us from any liability should this information be accidentally viewed by others. Our intention is to maintain your complete privacy.
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